Granada High School's Cross Country and Track Distance Program

The Basics

What is cross country?

Cross country is a team sport that tallies each teams’ first five runners according to their finishing place in a 2-3 mile race. Low score wins. The race course is run over a variety of surfaces such as dirt, grass, and asphalt and usually includes some hills.

Who should join cross country?

Everyone can join! All levels and abilities are welcome.

Is it too late to join?

It is never too late to join for freshmen.

How do I join?

1. Register at

2. Get a physical form from the school office or website and see a doctor. This form must be completed each school year. You may not participate until a physical form is on file with the athletic director. Make a copy of your physical in case it is misplaced by Granada staff.

3. Complete an emergency form and return it to your coach.

How far do cross country athletes run?

First year runners run about 15-30 minutes per day. Mileage increases or decreases depending upon the individual needs of each athlete.

What if I have a conflict with practice?

Notify coach at least two days in advance and ask for your training assignment.

When, where, and how long is practice?

For the 2018 season: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday practice begins at 3:20pm at Granada’s track (snack shack). Wednesday we will meet at 2:00pm. On Saturdays when we do not have a meet, we will meet at Independence Park or 84 Market at 8:00am. Practice usually lasts about 2 hours. Cross country runners should take a fall athletics class on their schedule for first period.