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Del Valle 2017

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On Saturday we had more than 30 runners complete the Del Valle destination run from the damn side staging area (near Camp Arroyo) to the Del Valle marina. Thank you to the many families that supplied our athletes with sustenance.

Updated All-time lists

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I just finished updating the NCS Hayward list and it has a sortable table at the bottom of the post. I also completed the State meet list but I have not built a sortable table yet. Check them out!

2016 Wrap-Up

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2016 Wrap-Up

Well after nearly a year of neglection, I’m recapping the championship part of 2016.

EBAL Championships

FS Boys won their race with a near perfect score as Cameron Meier won the race at Shadow Cliffs in 16:06. Runner-up Matthew Reddick finished just 2 seconds back, in third Seth Jeppson in 16:11, Julian Galicia-Thomas in fourth, and in sixth place Shlok Bansal. The top 5 scored just 16 points.

JV Boys finished in third place behind the effort of Kevin Plant who was 5th overall.

V Boys took also took third place behind the All-League first team performance of John Bennett and the All-League second team effort of Alex Hattori.

FS Girls took third place behind the top 10 efforts of Paula Leigh (3rd), Taylor Bond, (5th), and Giorgia Bates (9th).

JV Girls finished again finishing with third place the girls rallied behind their top finisher Lexie Homen in 8th place.

V Girls had an unexpected injury when Kinga Bihari fell during the warm-up which would eventually lead to an early end to her season. Regardless of the pain at the time, Kinga charged to a second place finish and lead the team to an impressive 31-point victory. Other All-League first team finishers included Colleen McCandless in 3rd, Kalea Bartolotto in 5th, and Gracie Dupuis in 6th.

NCS Championships

V Boys had a tremendous day finishing in 3rd place and qualifying for the CIF State championships. Bennett finished in 4th place and Cameron Priest ran a great race as Granada’s second runner finishing in 11th place in a time of 15:33.

V Girls, without Bihari, had a terrific day, capturing a 5th NCS title in the last decade. McCandless took second again, Bartolotto in 5th, and Dupuis in 6th. Kaylie Lawsen and Daisy Guinchard finished in 17th and 18th place respectively. The girls team won by 1 point over MV, 48-49.

CIF State Championships

The boys finished in 13th place of the 23 schools with Bennett breaking the 16 minute barrier over the 3.1 mile course.

The girls finished in 12th place with Bartolotto finishing as the Matadors first runner.

Summer 2014

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Hi Matador Running Fans! I’m excited for this cross country season! We’ve got a stellar group of over 40 returning athletes and so far we have another 20 new runners signed up.

A few things: Read more »

Center Meet 2013

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I am posting center meet details. Remember that we will need your help driving our athletes to Newhall Park in Concord on October 16…this Wednesday! We will meet in front of the school at 1:30pm. In addition, we will need help monitoring the course. Varsity parents will monitor the JV races, FS parents will monitor the varsity races, and the JV parents will monitor the FS races.

The following information is provided by Coach Pelster of DLS who is hosting the meet. Please read the information and analyze the course map.

Hi everyone,

Here’s what I have from our pre-season meeting:

Setup, finish camera, finish judges, starter, announcer – DLS/Carondelet
Finish chute – SRV/Livermore
Entries, bibs, etc. – Monte Vista
Course monitors – Granada/Foothill/California/Amador Valley/Monte Vista

I have a map with course monitor positions on it attached to this message. I suggest that each of the five teams supplying course monitors provide three monitors (at least one per station at all times). In no particular order, let’s have Foothill take spots 1-3 on the map, Amador Valley spots 4-6, Monte Vista 7-9, Granada 10-12, California 14-15. (I think there’s supposed to be a #13 on the map, but maybe the superstitious among us will be pleased there isn’t one.) Each school can choose to staff those locations as it sees fit. I will email instructions for each station a little later. We will have a meeting for course monitors at 3:15. The course will be almost identical to the one we use for the Nike Invitational. We will most likely move the start and the finish over to the trail adjacent to the soccer fields.

Parking will be exceptionally tight, as always, around Newhall Park. I believe we have made arrangements for all buses to park at Cal State East Bay’s parking lot on the other side of Ygnacio Valley Road. All parent and student drivers will be expected to follow parking laws in the area around the park. If the curb is red or there’s a fire hydrant and a car is parked there, the vehicle may be ticketed (and towed for all I know). The biggest factor in our ability to use the park in the future will be the number of complaints we get from neighbors. The city doesn’t mind if we use the park as long as the neighbors don’t howl about illegal parking and disrespectful visitors. If we can all make sure our families can get that message, it would be helpful.

Let me know if there’s something I’ve missed. Looking forward to hosting our first EBAL meet!

Schedule of races:

3:30 – F/S girls
4:00 – F/S boys
4:25 – JV girls
4:55 – JV boys
5:20 – Varsity girls
5:50 – Varsity boys

John Pelster
De La Salle High School
English Department
Head Cross Country Coach


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Schedule for the first week of cross country tryouts.

Monday, August 19: 3:25pm-5:30pm at Granada’s Track (Snack Shack). – The first part will have an information meeting with the team policies. Athletes who are not cleared will not be allowed to train. They are expected to watch the practice.

Tuesday, August 20: 3:25-5:30pm at Granada’s Track. Team policy and compliance form must be signed and returned on this day.

Wednesday, August 21: 3:15-4:45pm at Independence Park.

Thursday, August 22: 3:25-5:30pm at Granada’s Track.

Friday, August 23: 3:25-5:30pm at Granada’s Track.

Saturday, August 24: 8:00-10:00am at Independence Park. The roster will be finalized and closed for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The roster will remain open for freshmen.

A fully updated practice, race, and team meal schedule can be found on this website’s calendar link located on the tool category.

All cross country athletes must attend tryouts. Attendance is mandatory.

Athletes should be dressed in running attire and running shoes, wear a digital watch with lap counter, bring a water bottle, as well as a granola or energy bar.

Captain Philosophy

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Cross Country is more than a sport; it is an experience. It allows people to be a part of a successful, hard-working, determined team that promotes respect, focus, and self-control. We would like the team to help construct a positive atmosphere in order to allow others to gain from the cross country experience. It is our hope that the runners not only gain friends and fitness from the program, but a lifelong love of running.

We, the captains, all entered the cross country team for separate reasons; however, we all stayed on the team for the same reasons: to create lasting friendships, participate in a fulfilling activity, and find a competitive outlet. We improve ourselves through running and wish to leave the team with a positive legacy. Once our time with this program comes to an end, we will have learned how to achieve success not only in running, but in many aspects of life. By challenging ourselves to be leaders we see a unique opportunity to help not only grow ourselves but to help others in the program.

– Sophie Hartley, Sarah Franklin, Austin Armstrong, Austin Hoggatt, and Austin Horning

2013 XC Calendar Updated June-December

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I have made changes to the racing schedule and have included a possible date for the team banquet. We will once again make the trip to SoCal to attend the Brea Invite. Other notable dates include Oct. 4 as a day off from school and homecoming the week of Oct. 7-11.

Team Banquet 2012

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The purpose of the 2012 Granada Matador Cross Country Banquet is to celebrate the accomplishments of all our student-athletes. The banquet is pot-luck. Each athlete is expected to bring their year-in-school assigned food item to feed 10-12 people.

Seniors – dessert
Juniors – Main Dish
Sophomores – Main Dish
Freshmen – Salad or Bread
Please bring serving utensils for everyone to use.

Coaches will bring plates, utensils, napkins, and bottled water.
We will need everyone to help clean-up at the conclusion of the banquet including stacking chairs, pulling trash bags, lining trash cans, wiping down tables, sweeping the floor and more.
Thank you to all our athletes and families for joining the team at this special event.
Wednesday, 12/5/12.
GHS Student Union

BREA 2012

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Granada took to highway 5 on Friday to take on some southern California competition. In addition to having a lot of fun, all 16 Matadors took home medals. The invitational features a unique racing format with the #1 & 2 runners all competing in a race, the #3, 4, & 5 runners in a race, and the #6, 7, and 8 runners in a race. One of the things that I like about this format is that it provides more opportunities to be at the front of the race. For example…

Sophie Hartley and Sarah Franklin demonstrated that they are one of the best 3-4 combinations in the state as they finished 1-2 respectively. But their teammates would not be out classed as freshman Taylor Lawsen won her race with sophomore Victoria Winter finishing second and new comer Enikoe Bihari finishing fifth.

But wait, there’s more! In the final race of the day, first year runner Bret Rasmussen, sophomore Austin Armstrong, and freshman Leo Skellenger finished an exciting 1-2-3 as they raced and led all of the 3.1 mile course together.

The team results were that the girls won the meet with the fastest team time of the day. The boys finished in 5th place (but if the meet was scored on points they would have won).

Results are entered on the top 25 link for Brea.