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Captain Philosophy

Posted in Announcements, News on August 3rd, 2013

Cross Country is more than a sport; it is an experience. It allows people to be a part of a successful, hard-working, determined team that promotes respect, focus, and self-control. We would like the team to help construct a positive atmosphere in order to allow others to gain from the cross country experience. It is our hope that the runners not only gain friends and fitness from the program, but a lifelong love of running.

We, the captains, all entered the cross country team for separate reasons; however, we all stayed on the team for the same reasons: to create lasting friendships, participate in a fulfilling activity, and find a competitive outlet. We improve ourselves through running and wish to leave the team with a positive legacy. Once our time with this program comes to an end, we will have learned how to achieve success not only in running, but in many aspects of life. By challenging ourselves to be leaders we see a unique opportunity to help not only grow ourselves but to help others in the program.

– Sophie Hartley, Sarah Franklin, Austin Armstrong, Austin Hoggatt, and Austin Horning

3 Responses to “Captain Philosophy”

  1. Austin Armstrong says:

    Wooooo! Love this, we did great on it!

  2. Austin Hoggatt says:

    Austin Horning summarized what we want to accomplish this year perfectly!

  3. Austin Horning says:

    This is awesome! I think it will help people see what we are trying to do with the team.

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